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One-hour Lab Exercises

Exercises are listed below with credits to the instructors and schools

Labs Using Models

Natural Selection / Genetic Drift
Short exercise in which students read short pieces about different populations of organisms and then run simulations of natural selection and genetic drift - includes calculator (Rebecca Irwin, University of  Tennessee, Martin).

Genetic Drift with Beans
Short exercise demonstrating principle of genetic drift using an in-class exercise with bags of beans. (Antonovics & Taylor, University of Virginia)

Populus Exercise with Genetic Drift and Initial Allele Frequency (Antonovics & Taylor, University of Virginia).

Populus Exercise with Interdemic Group Selection (Antonovics & Taylor, University of Virginia)

Wagner Trees - Phylogeny (Antonovics, University of Virginia)

Labs Using Organisms

Population Genetics
 - Human population genetics exercise where students determine their own simple genetic traits in-class and then compare their suite of traits with the rest of the class. (Ethelynda Harding, California State University, Fresno)

Labs Using Data Provided

PAUP Phylogeny Exercise
(Antonovics & Taylor, University of Virginia)