All of the labs listed here were located through literature searches and web searches.
  • Exercises that were either published in journals or exercises that were the result of workshops are listed on this page.
  • When available, links to PDFs or documents are provided.
  • Access to Bioscene, the journal of Association of College and University Biology Educators, is available electronically on ACUBE's website .
  • Some labs that were part of ABLE workshops (Association for Biology Laboratory Education) are available online. Links to these documents are provided. Additional ABLE - developed labs that are part of Tested Studies for Laboratory Teaching are available in hard-copy by contacting ABLE. Abstracts and tables of contents are available for most volumes on ABLE's website.
  • The American Biology Teacher and Journal of Biological Education are available at most university libraries.
  • Exercises were grouped into categories according to main focus of the lab. Many exercises have multiple applications.
  • Short reviews of published lab manuals are provided when possible. For each lab manual, I have listed the individual labs that have an evolutionary application. 
  • Many of the lab manuals are no longer in print or are difficult to locate through inter-library loan.