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Freeman, D.C., Miglia, K. and Wang, H. 1996. Laboratory Exercises for General Ecology and Evolution. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co. Dubuque, IA.

This laboratory manual is a fairly informal collection of exercises, with no standard format from exercise to exercise. The labs range from straight ecological field trips to molecular phylogeny practicals. The instructions to teachers and students are thin and many of the labs need a little more explanation than are typically given in the manual. Given the format of this manual, I think it is of limited value for instructors.

Labs with evolutionary applications:

2. Competition  - plant lab using spinach and bean plants to demonstrate concepts of resource limitation.

6. Computer Simulation – Population Growth. Exercise using Populus.

8a & 8b. Population Genetics. Demonstrate genetic drift and selection using beads.

9. Mutation – Hands on lab using E.coli to observe spontaneous mutation.

10. Predator-prey coevolution – Students play the part of predator and examine hunting adaptations on different types of prey (beans).

14. Phylogenetics: A phenetic approach. Reconstruct phylogeny using plant specimens.

15. Molecular phylogeny. Reconstruct phylogeny of existing molecular data using MEGA software (Molecular Evolutionary Genetic Analysis). No information on the specifics of MEGA are given, although the instruction manual for MEGA is cited.