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Source Material Recording Equipment

The majority of the recordings on this site were recorded with Sonic Studio's DSM head worn microphones connected to a PA3SX Preamp, and an Edirol R-09 digital recorder. Most recordings were captured in 24 bits utilizing a 48 kHz sampling rate. This is my most "stealthy" recording rig.

Occasionally, a Crown SASS-P phase accurate stereo microphone and an Edirol R-04 digital recorder were used.

Source Editing and Mastering Equipment

The software used for editing these recordings is MOTU's Digital Performer. For quick edits and file translations, Audacity is used. Mackie HR824 or Mackie MR5 studio monitors supply sound playback in the studio. I also have a pair of Sony MDR-SA3000 headphones for detailed monitoring. MOTU's 896HD, 8Pre, and M-Audio's FireWire 410 audio interfaces are used for audio input and output to the computer.

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