Project Overview

New Mexico State University and the University of Virginia are working together to develop curriculum encouraging food safety awareness for youth. The National Fight Bac effort will serve as the basis for this project, as we expand the message to new audiences using new media.

  • 4th and 5th grade students nationwide
  • tested in New Mexico, Texas, Virginia
  • project specifically targets minority-majority classrooms of Native American, Hispanic, and African American students
  • Goals
  • 3-6 games/interactive activities as well as songs related to the National Fight Bac food-borne illness awareness campaign
  • specifically designed to reach minority audiences (limited-resource Native American, Hispanic, and African-American)
  • Navajo, English and Spanish (all materials bi-lingual English and Spanish with Navajo materials as appropriate)
  • assist national Fight-Bac educators in designing future materials for minority majority classrooms
  • teach standards-based skills in science, math and/or other areas, such as literacy
  • 1000 CDs, song tapes and supporting materials distributed free of charge in EFNEP, schools and youth programs
  • Distribution
  • distributed and initially tested on web, using Flash and/or Shockwave; support HTML or PDF files developed as needed
  • distributed via CD-ROM for those with limited internet access
  • Existing
    The National Fight Bac! campaign has many resources already available through, including:
  • tv and radio PSA's
  • teacher's kits with lesson plans, videos, puppet show scripts, posters and other classroom materials
  • consumer action kits, posters