Stay Tuned for storyboards of our projects. We're currently working on a couple of different ideas based on our early educational objectives. They include:

  • The Detective Game: Player chooses one of two characters on screen to 'be' (male or female). Whichever one is not chosen becomes the sidekick. The two are called to house where there was a food poisoning outbreak following a slumber party. The detectives have to go around the house, identifying and 'photographing' violations, then reporting to the host.
  • Sign making game: Player will have the opportunity to make several different signs, with pre-designed borders, characters, slogans, etc.
  • Certification: Player can design their own certificate as a food detective, with prescribed borders, graphics, slogans, etc.
  • Make your own bacteria:: Players learn about existing bacteria, where they live, how they travel, if they are good or bad, and then have the opportunity to create their own bacteria, specifying such factors.