Educational Messages

The National Fight Bac program has four specific educational messages that we will use throughout. Additional information about each one (snippits we could use in a song... key ideas that lead to the major idea,etc. ) are listed below. We certainly do not need to cover all of this information, but this may be a handy review or starting point for brainstorming the games.

As we look at these, we may start thinking about other questions we or others have about this, including any additional educational messages that may enhance those put forth by the National Fight Bac Organization. Some of these questions may lead to activities or publications for this project. A start of these questions is listed on the Questions to Answer page.

For example, one concern is age appropriateness even in the 4th-6th lesson plans, the Fight Bac campaign uses words like "clean surfaces". I wonder if our 4th graders can make sense of that enough to translate to action (ahh when mom opens the chicken package on the counter, that is a surface.)

Clean: Wash hands and surfaces often

  • Splish Splash': wash hands, utensils and surfaces before and after food prep. Wash hands after going to bathroom, changing diapers or handling pets.
  • All A-board': cutting boards should be washed in hot, soapy water between use
  • Towel Toss': use paper towels to throw away after cleaning up messes, or wash kitchen towels in hot water and soap often.

Maybe best for kids or song:

  • wash hands for 20 seconds
  • are family members "all washed up"?
  • bacteria can't be seen, tasted or smelled
  • rinse fruits and vegetables, even scrubbing with a brush before preparing or eating
  • clean counters/surfaces before preparing foods
  • cut yucky stuff out of fruits and vegetables (bacteria thrive here)

Chill: Refrigerate promptly

  • The Chill Factor: fridge or freeze within 2 hours
  • The Thaw Law: never defrost at room temperature (use fridge or micro)
  • Divide and Conquer: separate leftovers into smaller containers to cool more quickly
  • Avoid the Pack Attack: don't over-stuff the fridge where air can't circulate within the 'pack'
  • When in doubt, throw it out

Maybe best messages for kids or song

  • put in fridge or freezer within 2 hours
  • if not sure how long (when in doubt throw it out)
  • if it's cold, keep it cold (ice chest, frozen drink in lunch )

Separate: Don't cross-contaminate

  • Safely Separate: raw meats from other foods in cart, on counter and in fridge
  • Seal it: put raw meats in sealed containers or plastic bags
  • Marinating mandate: sauce that it is marinated must be boiled before using again

Maybe best messages for kids or song

  • Avoid the drips: don't let meat drip on other foods
  • Different cutting board/knives (or well washed) for meat and veggies
  • Never the same: once a towel, plate, knife or board has been used for one wash it well or get another


  • Thumbs up for Thermometers: measure internal temp of foods to check temperature
  • Microwave musts: watch for cold spots and rotate foods, cover food, stir often
  • Shake, rattle and roll: when reheating any meat sauce, bring to rolling boil

Maybe best messages for kids:

  • choose menu items thoroughly cooked: don't eat pink burgers
  • return food to kitchen that has not been thoroughly cooked

Other General Ideas

  • Bacteria likes to live where...
  • Bacteria can't be seen, smelled: how do we know where it is?
  • Bacteria can harm you by...
  • Be safe rather than questionable