Kim Lytton has written 5 songs for this project. Each song will be animated and placed on the website, some will be shared as a reward for games.

If you have QuickTime installed, the movies will appear, and you can click the play button to start the song. If not, you can click the .avi file to download that file. To download the latest version of QuickTime, go to the Quicktime site.

If you would like to save the Quicktime Movie to your computer, click on the arrow to the right of the timeline and select 'Save as QuickTime'. 

Fight Bac in .avi format
Storyboarded by Carol

Fight Bac
There's something lurking in your home, quiet and invisible 
In the kitchen, on your hands, bacteria 
It's hiding at the grocery store, creeping round the play ground 
Follows you back to your home, bacteria 
But don't be frightened, don't be scared 
Because we have a plan, together we can 
Fight bac, we'll fight bac, we'll fight bacteria 
Fight bac, we'll fight bac 
We'll learn to see it coming, quickly send it running 
And clean up our act, we'll fight bac 

Wash in .avi format
Storyboarded by Barb


Key ideas: 
  • 20 seconds include scrubbing only, not turning water on, drying or rinsing 
  • should visually show water being turned off while scrubbing so as not to waste water 
  • we need different colored hands to reflect diversity, also some female and male? 
  • check with Martha about soap and soap pumps 
- 1,2,3, hup, everybody wash with us Fingers marching in military formation, seeing Rockette style kicks as soap is passed down the lane.
- Grab that soap and wash those hands
- 20 seconds every time fights bacteria and grime 
- Scrub them, rub them, wash those hands
We see bac dancing on hands, evading the soap for most of it. As the soap moves around the hands we see bac in different poses, obviously unhappy about the soap
- Even when it seems they're clean 
- There's some stuff that can't be seen
A magnifying glass reveals a bac showering, who 'notices' he's being looked at and screams, covering himself up with a towell 
- Scrub bacteria off of those hands At end of song, we see 20 minutes ticked off on a timer and water starts to rinse hands

Cook It in .avi format
Storyboarded by Barb

Cook It

Key ideas: 
  • Thermometers are emphasized for being 'done'
  • Avoid using color as measure for doneness
  • Would be ok to show bacteria on meat countertops, plates, egg cartons
  • Would be good to show some culturally specific foods, ask Martha for advice

- Cook it, cook it, cook it through and through
- Cook it till it's done inside 
- Give the bac no place to hide 
Bac is hangin' out on meat, leaning up against a thermometer, as we see the thermometer hit a done mark, he look surprised and poof, dissappears.
- Cook it, cook it, cook it all the way 
- Killing that bacteria each and every day 
We see a montage of all the ways we can cook, microwaving, grilling, boiling, oven, crock pot, maybe all of them cornering Bac with his legs shaking
- Bac is hiding in those raw eggs, hiding in raw meat 
- Cook your food, cook it well cause bac can't take the heat
- Raw eggs in the cookie batter? Bac is in there too
- Eating it could make you sick; let's keep a healthy you
We move to scenes of Bac relaxing in cooking places... the thermometer hitting done, and him poof- disappearing.
  • He's soaking his feet in the yolk of an egg, like it is warm water
  • laying out soaking up rays sunbathing on grilled meat
  • He's rock climbing on cooking batter
We follow behind Bac as he enter a huge mouth, like it is the opening of a water slide... we see a sign that says 'Puke Yer Guts Up This Way', and he raises his arms like 'woo hoo'.

Chill in .avi format
Storyboarded by Greg

Chill the food, friend, clean up the mess, into the fridge in 2 hours or less
Chill the food, friend, don't wait around, nasty stuff can grow without a smell or a sound
Chill the food

Pop it in the freezer, pop it in the fridge
Cause if you don't bacteria will come and live

On your food, friend, making you ill
You'll avoid the nastiness if only you will chill the food

Food Detectives in .avi format
Storyboarded by Becca

The Food Detective
(starts with measured talking and sirens)
"We have an alert: Suspect bacteria is believed to be lurking on unwashed fruits and vegetables,  raw meats and eggs, foods left at room temperature for more than 2 hours. We're calling all Food Detectives to fight bac

(verse 1) Here they come, to answer the call
Food Detectives giving their all

Willing to wash their hands and fight,
Fight bacteria day and night

(chorus) We're calling all Food Detectives, giving out the tools to win
We're raising up Food Detectives, fighting bac to win

(verse2) Washing fruits and vegetables, won't eat meats and eggs when raw
Washing plates, counter tops and knives, we won't let bacteria hide