Yitna Firdyiwek, Ph.D.
Senior Instructional Designer
Learning Design & Technology
College of Arts & Sciences University of Virginia
Email: yitna@virginia.edu
Tel: (434) 924-3383
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PROJECTS: These are some of the most recent projects I have beenn working on.

Electronic Course Layout and Presentation Systerm (ongoing developpment): eCLPS is an enhancement project for the University's collaborative learning environment, UVaCollab. The idea stemmed from the results of a survey we (Scholarly Technology group) conducted to find out the needs and interests of students, faculty, and staff using the system. Based on the comments we received, we identified two problems: 1) students were frequently confused by the "tool-centric" layout of the system's user interface, and 2) instructors were not engaged with the design and organization of the course sites they were using. The eCLPS workflow grew out of an iterative process to address these problems.

Proteien Structure and Function Exploration (completed 2013): In this project I worked with Professors Charles Grisham and Reginald Garrett to construct an archive/showcase for the work their students were producing in CHEM 4410 or BIOL 5010.

SPAN8210 (completed 2013): This project involved the redesign of a pedagogy course taught by Professor Emily Scida in the Department for Spanish, Italian, and Portugues. The goal of the project was to address the need for the students in the course, who were being trained as foreign language instructors, to be more reflective about their own leaning processes as well as about themselves as teachers. Working in collaboration with Professor Scida, we decided to employ video technology to enhance the course and achieve the desired objective. The results of this project will be published in a forthcoming issue of International Journal of ePortfolios (IJeP).