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Requested Data

Ideally, each participating lab will provide the requested data in the format illustrated below.

Please provide lists of Doctoral-level physicists at your lab. Either name or use a unique identity code for each physicist and designate gender and status. Status should be listed as postdoc, technician, staff physicist, or user. For users, please include their institutional affiliation.

Please provide this data for two years - 1995 and 2001, using January 1st as the reference date.

Information on guest scientists is not requested and should not be included with the data.

Please send the data to the contact address by Monday, July 15th, if possible. E-mailed files in Excel, SPSS, or txt are best, but paper would also be useful.


Sample Layout Using Names

Institutional affiliation for users
Jones, Helen f pd  
Smith, Thomas m us Johns Hopkins
Elle, Gunner m sp  
Chang, Yi Yi m sp  
Zhao, Na f te  

Sample Layout Using Identifying Numbers

** Identifier numbers should be consistent across years. If the same person appears on both lists, they should be given the same number. New personnel for 2001 should be given numbers that are not used for the 1995 date.

Institutional affiliation for users
001 f pd  
002 m us Johns Hopkins
003 m sp  
004 m sp  
005 f te  

pd = postdoc
us = user
sp = staff physicist
te = technician