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Movies require Quicktime

Calcium Recovery / Calcium Response

Reference: Mateer, S.C., McDaniel, A.E., Nicolas, V., Habermacher, G.M., Sun Lin, M.J., Cromer, D.A., King, M.E., Bloom, G.S. 2002. The Mechanism for Regulation of the F-actin Binding Activity of IQGAP1 by Calcium / Calmodulin. Journal of Biological Chemistry 277: 12324-12333.

Click to Play Calcium Reponse movie
Click to Play Calcium Recovery movie

Movement of Isolated Golgi Membranes Along Microtubules (Real time)

Reference: Fullerton, A.T., M.-Y. Bau, P.A. Conrad. and G.S. Bloom. 1998. In Vitro Reconstitution of Microtubule Plus End-directed, GTPS-Sensitive Motility of Golgi Membranes. Molecular Biology of the Cell: 2699 2714.)

Small Golgi fragments, which have a vesicle-like appearance, can be seen to move along microtubules during the early stages (~13 minutes) of a control experiment.

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This sequence highlights motility of Golgi tubules along microtubules at a later time point (~43 minutes) of a control experiment.

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Inhibition of motility by GTPS is illustrated in this movie, which was recorded ~82 minutes after the start of the experiment. 1 µM GTPS was present throughout the entire experiment, during which time Golgi fragments rarely moved, and only a few, short Golgi tubules formed.

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Movies from unpublished work (Real time)

CHO cells stably transfected with caveolin-1-GTP, a marker for caveolae. Note the movement of caveolae along linear tracks, which correspond to microtubules. Time compression ~73X; movie recorded by Dorothy Mundy.

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CV-1 cell transiently transfected with YFP-IQGAP1. Note the presence of the fluorescent fusion protein in lamellipodia and ruffles. Time compression ~75X; recorded by Sue Lin.

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