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Bashour, A.-M., A.T. Fullerton, M.J. Hart, and G.S. Bloom. 1997. IQGAP1, a Rac- and Cdc42-binding Protein, Is An Actin-Binding Protein That Cross-Links Microfilaments. Journal of Cell Biology: 137: 1555-1566.

Bloom, G.S. and L.S.B. Goldstein. 1998. Cruising Along Microtubule Highways: How Membranes Move Through the Secretory Pathway. Journal of Cell Biology 140: 1277-1280.

Bashour, A.-M. and G.S. Bloom. 1998. 58K, a Microtubule-binding Golgi Protein, is a Formiminotransferase Cyclodeaminase (FTCD). Journal of Biological Chemistry 273: 19612-19617.

Ratner, N., G.S. Bloom, and S.T. Brady. 1998. A Role for Cyclin-Dependent Kinase(s) in the Modulation of Fast Anerograde Axonal Transport: Effects Defined by Olomoucine and the APC Tumor Suppressor Protein. Journal of Neuroscience 18: 7717-7726.

Fullerton, A.T., M.-Y. Bau, P.A. Conrad. and G.S. Bloom. 1998. In Vitro Reconstitution of Microtubule Plus End-directed, GTPWS-Sensitive Motility of Golgi Membranes. Molecular Biology of the Cell: 2699 2714.

Sontag, E., V. Nunbhakdi-Craig, G. Lee, R. Brandt, C. Kamibayashi, J. Kuret, C. L. White III, M.C. Mumby, and G.S. Bloom. 1999. Molecular Interactions Among Phosphatase 2A, Tau, and Microtubules: Implications for the Regulation of Tau Phosphorylation and the Development of Tauopathies. Journal of Biological Chemistry 274: 25490-25498.

Selected Additional Papers

Bloom, G.S., M.C. Wagner, K.K. Pfister and S.T. Brady. 1988. Native Structure and Physical Properties of Bovine Brain Kinesin, and Identification of the ATP-Binding Subunit Polypeptide. Biochemistry 27: 3409-3416.

Pfister, K.K., M.C. Wagner, D.L. Stenoien, S.T. Brady and G.S. Bloom. 1989. Monoclonal Antibodies to Kinesin Heavy and Light Chains Stain Vesicle-like Structures, but not Microtubules in Cultured Cells. Journal of Cell Biology 108: 1453-1463.

Hirokawa, N., K.K. Pfister, H. Yorifuji, M.C. Wagner, S.T. Brady and G.S. Bloom. 1989. Submolecular Domains of Bovine Brain Kinesin Identified by Electron Microscopy and Monoclonal Antibody Decoration. Cell 56: 867-878.

Brady, S.T., K.K. Pfister and G.S. Bloom. 1990. A Monoclonal Antibody to the Heavy Chain of Kinesin Inhibits Anterograde and Retrograde Axonal Transport in Isolated Squid Axoplasm. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 87: 1061-1065.

Ktistakis, N., M.G. Roth and G.S. Bloom. 1991. PtK1 Cells Contain a Non-Diffusible Factor that Makes the Golgi Apparatus Resistant to Brefeldin A. Journal of Cell Biology 113: 1009-1023.

Cyr, J.L., K.K. Pfister, G.S. Bloom, C.A. Slaughter and S.T. Brady. 1991. Molecular Genetics of Kinesin Light Chains: Generation of Isoforms by Alternative Splicing. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 88: 10114-10118.

Vallee, R.B. and G.S. Bloom. 1991. Mechanisms of Fast and Slow Axonal Transport. Annual Review of Neuroscience 14: 59-92.

Lippincott-Schwartz, J., N.B. Cole, A. Marotta, P.A. Conrad and G.S. Bloom. 1995. Kinesin is the Motor for Microtubule-mediated Golgi-to-ER Membrane Traffic. Journal of Cell Biology 128: 293-306.

Elluru, R., G.S. Bloom and S.T. Brady. 1995. Fast Axonal Transport of Kinesin in the Rat Visual System: Functionality of the Kinesin Heavy Chain Isoforms. Molecular Biology of the Cell: 6: 21-40.

Sontag, E., V. Nunbhakdi-Craig, G.S. Bloom and M.C. Mumby. 1995. A Novel Pool of Protein Phosphatase 2A is Associated with Microtubules and Regulated During the Cell Cycle. Journal of Cell Biology 128: 1131-1144.

Conrad, P.A., E.J. Smart, Y.-S. Ying, R.G.W. Anderson and G.S. Bloom. 1995. Caveolin Cycles Between Plasma Membrane Caveolae and the Golgi Complex by Microtubule-dependent and Microtubule independent Steps. Journal of Cell Biology 131: 1421-1433.