Graduate curriculum in coastal sciences
Overview: There are 3 elements to the Coastal Sciences curriculum. Courses with significant coastal sciences content or applicability
[Courses are listed by subdiscpline or as "general" (interdiscplinary or non- disciplinary course)]
   EVHY 545: Hydrological Transport Processes
   EVHY 547: Environmental Fluid Mechanics
   EVHY 747: Numerical Methods in the Hydrological Sciences
   EVEC 521: Aquatic Ecology
   EVEC 523: Microbial Ecology
   EVEC 722: Estuarine Ecology
   EVGE 504: Geochemistry
   EVGE 507: Aqueous Geochemistry
   EVGE 582: Geomorphology
   EVGE 584: Sediment Processes and Environments
   EVGE 793: Organic Geochemistry
  Atmospheric Sciences
   EVAT 541: Atmospheric Dynamics
   EVAT 550: Environmental Climatology
  General (interdiscplinary or skills course)
   EVSC 503: Applied Statistics for Environmental Scientists
   EVSC 586: Isotope Geochemistry
   EVSC 778: Quantitative Contaminant Hydrogeology
   EVSC 796: GIS Methods
   EVSC 796: Global Biogeochemical Cycles