Faculty with a strong research/teaching focus in coastal sciences
Berg, Peter Marine eddy flux measurements, modeling of transport processes and nutrient cycling in sediments
Blum, Linda Productivity and community structure in estuarine systems; microbe-plant interactions; microbial community structure and processes
Dolan, Robert Coastal processes and geomorphology; coastal hazards; shoreline erosion; barrier island dynamics
Erwin, Mike Population and community ecology; behavioral ecology; conservation biology; avian biology
Hayden, Bruce Dynamic climatology and coastal ecology; climate/ecosystem dynamics; geomorphology; climate change
Macko, Steve Biogeochemistry; marine organic geochemistry; and stable isotope geochemistry
McGlathery, Karen Aquatic ecology; nitrogen and phosphorus cycling in temperate and tropical coastal ecosystems; seagrasses; macroalgae; eutrophication; marine conservation
Moore, Laura Coastal geomorphology; large-scale coastal behavior; barrier island evolution; coastal processes and climate change; extreme coastal events
Porter, John Mammalian dispersal; population, community and landscape ecology; multivariate statistics; remote-sensing and GIS
Ray, Carleton Marine ecology, conservation and management; marine mammalogy; coastal ecological processes
McCormick-Ray, Jerry Coastal-marine organisms in ecological processes (including such organisms as whales, seals, fish, oysters, and mussels) and their conservation
Reidenbach, Matt Environmental fluid mechanics; turbulence and mixing in estuaries and coral reefs; biomechanics of marine organisms
Smith, Dave Biological oceanography; marine ecology; invertebrate zoology; ecology of blue-water plankton
Schwarzschild, Arthur VCR/LTER/ABCRC Project Site Manager
Wiberg, Patricia Sediment dynamics; coastal oceanography; marsh-tidal flat morphodynamics; strata formation and preservation
Zieman, Jay Marine ecology; production and trophic utilization ecology of seagrass meadows; mangrove and reef ecosystems
Faculty with related research interests
D'Odorico, Paolo Surface hydrology; stochastic modelling of hydrologic processes; soil moisture dynamics; soil erosion
Fuentes, Jose Micrometeorology, biosphere-atmosphere interactions, and pollutant deposition processes
Galloway, Jim Global atmospheric geochemistry; atmosphere-limnologic interrelationships; acid rain in small watersheds
Mills, Aaron Microbial ecology; microbial transformation of groundwater pollutants; bacterial transport through porous media
Scanlon, Todd Catchment hydrology and land-atmosphere interaction
Shugart, Hank Global change; systems ecology; forest ecosystem analysis and dynamics; ornithology