Graduate research opportunities for 2008-2009 applicants
Geomorphology/hydrology near the margins of salt marshes: We are seeking an M.S. or Ph.D. student to work on a combined field/modeling study of the dynamics of the boundary between salt marshes and tidal flats. Our field sites are in the Virginia Coast Reserve on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Advisors: Wiberg and McGlathery.
Waterbirds in coastal habitats: Focus on the role of waterbirds in the coastal ecosystem; modeling of coastal habitat changes under varying sea-level rise scenarios. Advisor: Erwin.
Coastal geomorphology: There are openings for up to two graduate students (M.S. or Ph.D.) interested in the study of barrier island evolution or interested more generally in the study of coastal geomorphology. Investigations will involve both computational and field-based techniques. Advisor: Moore.