The Green Group

Department of Chemical Engineering

Graduate Students

Maura McEwan

I started graduate school at UVA in the Fall of 2005 and Iím currently working toward a Ph.D., studying dynamic interactions of sterically stabilized nanoparticles in polymer melts. Iím originally from Westfield, MA and graduated from Bucknell University with a B.S. in chemical engineering.† Outside of lab I enjoy tennis, running, reading and travel.††


Jeremy Fowler

Originally from Niceville, FL, I received my undergraduate education at the University of Florida from 2000-2004. After receiving a Bachelorís degree in chemical engineering from the UF, I began my graduate career at UVA in the fall of 2005. Currently my research† is focused on immiscible polymer blends, combining optical techniques and rheology to explore these systems.


Nupur Dutta

I became a part of the Green group in January 2005 and being the first graduate student in a new lab I have enjoyed my responsibilities in setting it up. I received M.S. (2006) in Chemical Engineering from University of Virginia under Dr. Greenís guidance and am now continuing research towards Ph.D. A native of Kolkata, India, I did my undergraduate in Chemical Engineering from Panjab University, India. My project at UVA deals with the investigation of the stability of polymer grafted silica nanoparticles in a whole range of polymer solutions and melts. Apart from research, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a teaching assistant. I take pleasure in indoor and outdoor activities like reading, singing, dancing, swimming and hiking.


Chin Lun Jou

Chin Lun graduated from the Chemical Engineering Department with an M.S. degree in 2008.† Her research in the Green Group focused on the effect of initiator chain length on the stability and grafting density of PMMA on silica nanoparticles. She received her undergraduate education at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC.

Dan Sunday

I started working in the lab in 2006 after graduating from Carnegie Mellon University. My research here involves investigating the impact of surface modifications of grafting polymers from nanoparticle surfaces and the subsequent impact those polymer modified particles have once placed in a polymer melt. In addition to the lab I am a member of the graduate board and the graduate engineering student council. For fun I like to watch football (Go Steelers) and play on the water polo team here at UVA.