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Look here for the latest and weirdest of Bill's home projects

Want to show a movie of the in vitro motility assay in your powerpoint presentation, but it won't cooperate? Just place this animated GIF in your presentation, and it WILL work. But please, CREDIT THE MOVIE. I keep finding my carefully crafted animations in other people's presentations without due credit, and it's pissing me off. This is a movie of rhodamine-labelled actin on skeletal HMM, just for your info. (warning: 1/3 megabyte)

This is an Excel spreadsheet for doing error propagation in sums/differences, products, ratios and averages.

This was a presentation Dr. Guilford made in a Center for Cellular Imaging workshop here at UVA. Disclamer: Laser trap experts, please remember that whis was developed for a general audience, and therefore makes some implications that do not necessarily hold up under scrutiny.

Buiild your own crappy laser beam profiler at a fraction the cost of a commercial version.

Mercury is an excellent freeware email server, but learning to run it as a Service under NT is a pain, particularly since most of the tutorials out there on running apps as services are wrong! I went through the trouble of figuring it out so you don't have to!

More to come...

As techniques are developed and published, we will place them here for all the world to see! Check back frequently!

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