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Graduate Students: 


Past Graduate Students:
  • Gary Sherman (Ph.D. 2011). How Disgust Affects the Perception of Darkness
  • Jesse Graham (Ph.D. 2010). Left Gut, Right Gut: Ideology and Automatic Moral Reactions
  • Patrick Seder (Ph.D. 2010). What A “Facebook Smile” Reveals About Future Happiness:  The Expression of  Positive Affect in Facebook Photographs Predicts Long-Term Well-Being
  • Sara Algoe (Ph.D. 2005). A Relational Account of Gratitude: A Positive Emotion that Strengthens Interpersonal Connections.
  • Holly Hom (Ph.D. 2004). Gossip as a Vehicle for Value Comparison: The Development of Social Norms and Social Bonding through Moral Judgment
  • Fredrik Bjorklund (Visiting graduate student)
  • Zita Meijer (Ph.D 2001). Automatic Selves Across Cultures: A Comparative Study in Japan and the United States.
Past Distinguished Majors (Undergraduate honors theses):
  • Therese Verkerke (2010)
  • Meghan Smith (2010) The Positive Moral Emotion Video Validation Library
  • Alex Hincker (2009)
  • Kathleen Connelly (2009)
  • Lucy Norton (2009)
  • Margaret Midboe (2008) Putting Other-Praising Emotions to Use: Developing a Video Intervention
  • Taylor Haight (2008) Can Moral Elevation Reduce Implicit Racial Prejudice?
  • Katherine Jacobs (2008)
  • Paul Hiatt (2006). Higher Love: Can Elevation Help Couples Overcome Conflict?
  • Christa Morse (2006). Tipping the Trust Scale: Does Elevation Cause Increased Trust in Strangers?
  • Jennie Gross (2005). The morality of self-change [?]
  • Jen Silvers (2005). Moral Milk: Elevation Causes Milk Release in Breastfeeding Women
  • Gary Sherman (2004). Elevation and the Vagus Nerve; A Psychophysiological Analysis
  • Martin Olivier (2004). Predicting Violence From the Moral Rhetoric of Political Groups
  • Chris Oveis (2002)  More Than a Feeling: The Psychophysiology of Elevation
  • Kelly Walter (2002). Elevation and Prosocial Behavior: An Examination of Moderators and Motivations
  • Mona Hasan (2002). Self-sacrifice Inspires Others: Suicide Bombing and the Positive Moral Emotion of Elevation
  • Megan Webb (2001). Positive Emotions in Nature: Causes and Consequences
  • Preethy George (1999). The psychology of purity and pollution [?]
  • Anita Tam (1999). Model-inspired helping: Is there an emotion of elevation?
  • Carter Chandler (1999). Divine feelings and pro-social behavior.
  • Estela Marin (1998). Crime and Punishment: Why People Think the World Will End (Soon).
  • Gabe Ignatow (1998). Structures of American Morality
  • Evan Rosenberg (1997). Attitudes toward diversity at UVA
  • Matt Hersh (1997). Sexual Morality: The Plasticity of Moral Codes
  • Scott Murphy (1996). Dumbfounding: Conflicting processes in moral judgment