David Dunbar Buick Benjamin Latrobe
Andrew Carnegie Daniel McCallum
William H. Vanderbilt
Cornelius Vanderbilt
John Wanamaker
John D. Rockefeller Eli Whitney
Henry Ford Alfred P. Sloan  
Jay Gould Alexander Turney Stewart  

Charles River Bridge Durant Sedan
Hudson "Closed" Car GM Workers, early 20th Century
Andrew Carnegie's Birthplace Old Cadillac  
Andrew Carnegie's Castle Old Buick  
Eli Whitney's Original Cotton Gin Old Chevrolet

Places, Buildings
Ford Assembly Line, 1930s Willow Run Bomber Assembly Plant
US Steel Plant, Late 19th Century Standard Oil Refinery, Cleveland, OH, c. 1870
Springfield Armory Cornelius Vanderbilt Birthplace, Staten Island, NY  
Henry Ford and the First Car
  The "quadicycle" of 1896

Erie Canal, 1830 (painting)  
The First Ford Factory, Detroit, 1903 Chesapeake & Ohio Canal and Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, MD