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Honeylocust Agroforestry Scenario

While honeylocust (Gleditsia triacanthos L.) has several potential uses in agroforestry, the most promising is as a pasture fodder tree. Honeylocust produce pods which can provide animal feed during autumn and winter when pasture grass production declines.  Livestock may harvest the pods directly from under the trees, minimizing harvesting and processing costs.  Using tree protectors and/or electric fences, honeylocust orchards can be established in operating pastures and hayfields, permitting cash flows from livestock sales to continue while the trees mature.  Pods have a nutritional value between oats and barley, depending on the cultivar, growing conditions, and location.  Because sheep can digest the honeylocust seed and require less expensive tree protection, they offer a better fit with silvopastoral honeylocust than cattle or hogs.  Economic evaluations of silvopastoral honeylocust indicate internal rates of return of 9% to 25%, depending on a variety of cost and production assumptions.  Although not easily quantified, additional benefits include reduction of water runoff and topsoil erosion, shade for livestock, a productive pollen and nectar source for bees, a more diversified and aesthetically pleasing pasture environment, and timber upon project termination.

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Honeylocust Agroforestry


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