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Engineering Complexity

Synchronized phase cluster states 1-4 were created by applying nonlinear time delayed feedback to a population of 64 weakly relaxational electrochemical oscillators. watch movie

Slow switching was engineered into a population of 4 weakly heterogeneous smooth electrochemical oscillators. The stable and unstable manifolds of the fixed points connect to one another, causing a periodic transition between multiple unstable cluster states. watch movie

A synchronized population of 64 relaxational oscillators was desynchronized using nonlinear time-delayed feedback. The feedback was designed to be mild such that the rhythmic behavior of the individual elements is preserved even though the collective behavior of the population is disrupted. watch movie

2D electrochemical waves were created by applying nearest neighbor delayed feedback to a 8x8 array of electrochemical elements with no flux boundary conditions. watch movie

For more information on the above videos, see the following papers:

193. Kiss, I. Z., Rusin, C. G., Kori, H. and Hudson, J. L. "Engineering complex dynamical structures: Sequential patterns and desynchronization," Science, 316 (2007).
200. Kori, H., Rusin, C. G., Kiss, I. Z. and Hudson, J. L. "Synchronization engineering: Theoretical framework and application to dynamical clustering," Chaos, 18 (2008).

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