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Synchronization Engineering Setup

Craig Rusin Controlling the synchronization behavior of a population of electrochemical oscillators via nonlinear time delayed feedback.

Craig Rusin
Craig's setup Project setup

Real-time Dynamic Stimulation of Hippocampal Neurons

Sarah A dual-channel dynamic patch-clamp setup for controlling the synchronization behavior of cultured neurons.

Sarah Johnson

Pattern formation in relaxation oscillators under inhibition

Swati Data Acquisition System for collecting data and inducing negative coupling in networks of electrochemical oscillators.

Swati Jain

Electrochemical Fabrication of Micro- and Nano-Structures

Joseph Maurer Fabrication of micro- and nano-structures on conducting and semi-conducting substrates by electrochemical machining with ultrashort voltage pulses.

Joseph Maurer
Joe's setup Ultra-short pulse electrochemical machining apparatus
TVs Monitors for visualization of the electrochemical machining
Joe and Pisti Joe and Istvan Kiss discussing the machining of micro-structures on a Nickel substrate.

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