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The interests of our group are in the general area of complexity in chemical and biological systems, particularly nonlinear dynamics, oscillations, and interactions among rhythmic processes. Local conditions determine the rate of reaction at a site but sites are coupled through transport and electric fields thus resulting in spatiotemporal patterns and overall complex system behavior. A component of the work involves the engineering of complexity through external signals and feedback.

Our work involves both experiments and mathematical modeling. We have several active collaborations underway with groups in Materials Science, in Biology, and at the Medical School at the University of Virginia and also at universities and laboratories in the United States and overseas.

Some examples our research performed in our group include:

Spatiotemporal patterns during electrochemical reactions. We investigate spatiotemporal patterns that occur during electrochemical reactions.

Synchronization and differentiation on arrays of oscillating reactions. Synchronization and clustering are investigated using arrays of individually addressable electrodes. The effects of coupling, forcing, and feedback are investigated.

Metastable pitting of steel and aluminum alloys. We are investigating the interaction of metastable pitting events on metal alloys through the use of experiments and both phenomenological and stochastic modeling. The cooperative sudden onset of pitting corrosion is being investigated. The study is done jointly with investigators in Materials Science.

Complexity in biological systems: Coupled rhythmic processes. We are investigating the mechanism of how cellular mechanisms interact to produce circadian rhythmic behavior. Another study is directed toward the understanding of the role of synchronization involved in diseases such as epilepsy. These studies are done jointly with investigators in Biology and in the Medical School.


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