PhD Students

  1. Kishor Shah
    Coefficient ideals of the Hilbert polynomial and integral closures of parameter ideals (1988) 
  2. Sangki Choi 
    Betti numbers and the integral closure of ideals (1989) 
  3. Tom Marley
    Hilbert functions of ideals in Cohen-Macaulay rings (1989) 
  4. K. N. Raghavan
    Uniform annihilation of local cohomology and powers of ideals generated by quadratic sequences (1991) 
  5. Irena Swanson
    Tight closure, joint reductions, and mixed multiplicities (1992) 
  6. Anna Guerrieri
    On the depth of certain graded rings associated to an ideal (1993) 
  7. Chun-Tak Fan 
    Betti numbers for modules and primary components of three-generated ideals (1993) 
  8. Hsin-Ju Wang
    Jacobian ideals, resolutions, relation types of parameters (1994) 
  9. Donatella Delfino
    Cofiniteness and vanishing of local cohomology modules and colength of conductor ideals (1994) 
  10. Yung-Hui Lai 
    On the relation type of systems of parameters and on the Poincaré series of systems of parameters (1995) 
  11. Janet C. Vassilev (co-advisor with Richard Elman, UCLA)
    Test ideals in Gorenstein isolated singularities and F-finite reduced rings (1997) 
  12. Amelia Taylor
    Initial ideals of prime ideals and the inverse problem in Groebner basis theory (2000) 
  13. Catalin Ciuperca
    Generalized Hilbert coefficients and the S_2-ification of a Rees algebra (2001) 
  14. Yongwei Yao
    Finite F-representation type and primary decomposition (2002) 
  15. Giulio Caviglia
    Koszul algebras, Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity and generic initial ideals (2004) 
  16. Neil Epstein
    Closure operators in commutative algebra: tight closure, phantom depth and *-spread (2005) 
  17. Janet Striuli
    Extensions of modules and uniform bounds of Artin-Rees type (2005) 
  18. Bahman Engheta
    Bounds on projective dimension (2005) 
  19. Manoj Kummini
    Homological invariants of monomial and binomial ideals (2008) 
  20. Ananthnarayan Hariharan
    Approximating Artinian rings by Gornestein rings and 3-standardness of the maximal ideal (2009) 
  21. Branden Stone
    Super-stretched and graded countable Cohen-Macaulay type (2012)