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M.S. SELIM Fellowships tenable in the Materials Research program at NSU are available beginning Sept. 1, 2000. Completion of the NSU M.S. degree allows for coordinated transfer into the UVa SELIM Ph.D. programs. Apply to NSU through the participating department or directly to:

George B. Loutts, SELIM Admissions  
Center for Materials Research 
Norfolk State University 
Norfolk, Va 23504

ph.  (757) 823-2381 
fax: (757) 823-9054          

Ph.D. SELIM Fellowships, with health care benefits, tenable in the UVa Departments of Chemistry, Physics, Chemical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Materials Science are available beginning Sept. 1, 2000. Apply to UVa through the participating departments or directly to:

Ian Harrison, SELIM Admissions 
Department of Chemistry 
University of Virginia 
Charlottesville, Va 22904-4319

ph.  (434) 924-3639 
fax: (434) 924-3710 


UVa, NSU, and JLAB are equal opportunity educators and employers. While NSF IGERT fellowship holders must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents, UVa & NSU have many other fellowships, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships available and encourages students of all nationalities to consider participating in the SELIM program.