Course Offerings


Ph.D. students enter the SELIM program from 6 departments that span the schools of Arts & Sciences and Engineering at UVa. Departmental coursework and Ph.D. candidacy requirements vary considerably with discipline. Nevertheless, most SELIM students elect to take several courses from the following list:

Phys 531


Phys 533

Optics Laboratory

Phys 532

Fundamentals of Photonics

Phys 534

Photonics Laboratory

MAE 612

Microscale Heat Transfer

Chem 722

Reaction Kinetics and Dynamics

MSE 722/EP 733

Surface Science

EP 734

Processing of Materials by Electrons, Ions, & Lasers

Phys 822

Lasers and Non-linear Optics

Chem 825

Quantum Dynamics with Applications to Spectroscopy

Phys 826

Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy

Phys 888

Quantum Optics

Within their first two years, all SELIM fellows enroll in a professional development course,

Chem 702/Phys 702

Research, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Ethics

and an introductory seminar course,

Phys 951

Introduction to the Science and Engineering of Laser Interactions with Matter