UVa/NSU/JLAB Graduate Student Recruitment Event:

21st Century Light

JLAB, Newport News, Va  March 9-11, 2004


Our schedule is for invited undergraduate students (applications here) to arrive at either (i) NSU around noon or (ii) JLAB in the late afternoon or early evening of Tuesday the 9th and to participate in a series of informative activities through Thursday morning.. Over the course of the 21st Century Light event students will be introduced to the graduate programs of Norfolk State University, the University of Virginia, and our NSF IGERT program on the “Science and Engineering of Laser Interactions with Matter”. Students will be given a tour of the world’s most powerful free electron laser and its associated laboratories. Students will participate in elements of the concurrently running Laser Processing Consortium (LPC) meeting, graduate student poster session, banquet, and have an opportunity to meet and interact with many graduate students, faculty, and scientists and engineers drawn from industry, national labs, and universities. Please register for the LPC meeting on-line and indicate that you will (a) attend the Wednesday evening dinner and (b) pay for registration at the meeting. In practice, there will be no registration fees levied for 21st Century Light participants at the LPC meeting and we can supply travel money.


Tuesday, March 9

21st Century Light invited students arrive by bus, car, or plane to NSU or JLAB in the afternoon. Graduate students and faculty arrive from NSU and UVa. LPC meeting guests also arrive from academe, industry and national labs.

NSU Center for Materials Research

12-1 pm                                   Lunch with faculty and graduate students

1 – 5 pm                                  Presentations at NSU, Lab Tours

5-6 pm                                     Travel to JLAB

Jefferson Laboratory (JLAB)

5-7 pm                                     Arrival and unpacking into JLAB Guest House lodging

6:30-7 pm                                21st Century Light Mixer - Brief Introduction

7-8 pm                                     Dinner

8-9 pm                                     21st Century Light and LPC Meeting Mixer and entertainment


Wednesday, March 10


Visiting 21st Century Light students will participate in portions of the LPC meeting and also have parallel sessions dedicated specifically to them. On Wednesday morning, the visiting students begin at the main LPC meeting in CEBAF Center within JLAB.


7:30-8:30 am                            Breakfast at CEBAF Center

8:30-9:00 am                            Registration and Coffee

9:00am                                     Introduction, Fred Dylla, JLAB

9:05 am                                    Welcome and Prospectus of JLab, C. Leemann, JLAB Director

9:15 am                                    FEL and Light Source Program – Status Report, Fred Dylla

10:00 am                                  FEL Upgrade Projects: UVV, IR, THz, George Niel, JLAB

10:30-11:00 am                        Coffee & Cookie Break

11:00 am                                  NSF IGERT Graduate Program at UVa/.NSU/JLAB, Ian Harrison, UVa

11:30 am                                  Graduate Programs at NSU, Carl Bonner, NSU

11:50 am                                  Materials Research and Lasers, George Loutts, NSU

12:10 pm                                  Powder Lasers, Mikhail Noginov, NSU

12:30-1:30 pm                         Lunch with Graduate Students, Faculty, and Lab Scientists

1:30 pm                                    Careers in Science: Panel Discussion, Lori Nicholaysen, UVa

2 pm                                        Biomedical Applications of Lasers, Chris Easley, UVa

2:20 pm                                    Laser-Assisted Catalysis & Chemical Vapor Deposition, Heather Abbott

2:40 pm                                    Ultrafast Energy Flow in Molecules, Pam Crum, UVa

3-3:30 pm                                Coffee & Cookie Break

3:30 pm                                    Hydrogen Spectroscopy in Silicon, Gunter Luepke, CWM

4:00                                         Laser Ionization Mass Spectrometry of Biomolecules, John Semmes, EVMS

4:45                                         Tour of Free Electron Laser Facility

5:45 pm                                    Student Poster Session and Reception, CEBAF Center Auditorium

7 pm                                        LPC Banquet

8 pm                                        Visitors adjourn with our graduate students and faculty and LPC meeting visitors for some evening fun.


Thursday, March 11

7:30                                         Breakfast

8:30 am                                    LPC Meeting: Applications of Lasers in Science & Engineering

12:00 noon                               Lunch with UVa/NSU/JLAB/LPC Scientists and Engineers

1 pm                                        21st Century Light Wrap-up & Question Period

1:30 pm                                    Departure