SELIM External Review Agenda

October 29-30, 2002


Review Board:

Richard Haglund: Professor of Physics, Vanderbilt University

Henry Helvajian: Senior Scientist, The Aerospace Corp.

David Hudson: Associate Vice-President for Research and Graduate Studies, UVa


Tuesday, October 29

2 pm: End of Industrial Physics Forum in Williamsburg, Va. Prof. Haglund and Dr. Helvajian drive to Charlottesville and check in at Calvalier Hotel

6 pm: Dinner at Hamilton’s: Henry Helvajian, Richard Haglund, Ian Harrison, Lou Bloomfield.

Wednesday, October 30 - Chemistry Conference Room 290

9 am: Welcome and SELIM Program Overview, Ian Harrison

9:45 am: Norfolk State University Program, Carl Bonner

10 am: Facilities Tour- (a) Ultrafast Laser Facility

(b) Prof. Pfister’s Lab-Physics Rm. 009

(c) Prof. Fitz-Gerald’s Lab- Mat. Sci. Rm. 210

(d) Coffee, back in Rm. 290

10:45 am: Program Self-Assessment, Robert Tai

11: 00 am: Education, Lou Bloomfield

11: 15 am: Research, Brooks Pate

11:30 am: Student Posters around the Ultrafast Laboratory

12 – 1 pm: Posters continued and Lunch with students and faculty in Rm. 262

1 pm: Discussion with SELIM Faculty

·      Program Impact

·      Minority Recruiting

·      Opportunities, Planning for the Future

·      Prospects for Institutionalization

·      Problems to Date

Chemistry Chairman’s Conference Room, Rm. 405

2:30 pm: Meeting with Arts & Sciences Assoc. Dean for the Sciences, George Hornberger, and Assoc. Dean of Graduate Academic Programs and Research, Peter Brunjes

2:50 pm: Meeting with Departmental Chairs: Vice-Chair Bob Burnett, Chemistry; Tom Gallagher, Physics; Raul Baragiola, Engineering Physics; Joseph Humphrey, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

3:20 pm: Meeting with Engineering Assoc. Dean for Research, Haydn Wadley

3:40 pm: Meeting with Vice-President for Research and Graduate Studies, Ariel Gomez

4 pm: Closed Discretionary Period for Review Board Deliberations, Questions to Faculty, Preliminary Report Preparation.

6:30 pm: Dinner at Ivy Inn: Henry Helvajian, Richard Haglund, David Hudson, Ian Harrison, Brooks Pate, Tom Gallagher, Carl Bonner, Robert Tai.