Ultrafast Laser Lab


Current Research

SELIM research relates to problems in which light-matter interactions are probed, controlled, exploited, or modeled. Some current representative research includes:

  • Studies of ultrafast nuclear and electronic dynamics and energy flow in all states of matter.
  • Coherence in quantum wavepackets, quantum entaglement, quantum information.
  • High field laser-matter interactions.
  • Laser processing/deposition of materials, non-linear optics of chiral polymers.
  • Ultrafast MALDI: improving protein mass spectrometry.
  • FEL development and coupling to other optical systems (e.g. table-top lasers, OPO's, synchrotron, etc.).

A Powerpoint presentation briefly describing some SELIM faculty and graduate student research can be downloaded here (13 Mb). See links to faculty home pages under People for more specific research information. A list of poster titles recently presented by SELIM Graduate Fellows and Associates is available at SELIM Poster Session/Open House, an event that was held on Sept. 30, 2002.