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Ed Miracle - I Told You SoBut there is attraction in forbidden knowledge, as in the edge      
 of the abyss. Where the footstep cannot tread, the      
 eye may reach; where the eye can      
penetrate no further,     
the mind may      

V. Hugo, Toilers of the Sea      


The inspirations for Falling from Infinity are many. Here is an ever-growing list of references shaping the course; it is organized broadly by topic. Recommendations are welcome.

Course Packet contents


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Misc. Non-Fiction

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Cosmic Voyage. Director: Bayley Silleck.

Dangerous Knowledge. Director: David Malone.

The Fantastic World of M.C. Escher. Acorn Media.

Fractals: The Colors of Infinity. Newbridge Communications.

Hotel Infinity. Director: Amanda Boyle

Powers of 10. Director: Charles Eames.