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TechnoGeek offers the best Computer Books at the best price. Check out these Books!.

"HTML for the World Wide Web"

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Peachpit Press
This is the best basic HTML reference book around. Like all the Visual Quickstart books, it is thorough, quick, easy, clear, concise, and leaves you feeling like you've done a great job. You can read it straight through, or skip around to any chapter or any one/two page subject you choose to learn about, depending on your mood and need. I also have the much bigger 'HTML - The Complete Reference' book by Powell, but find it unwieldy to maneuver through in both size and verbiage. This book doesn't have that problem. The HTML Visual Quickstart book is broad in reference, well written and small enough at 383 pages that I can easily carry it around with me. I can quickly understand what I want to know, and move on, without any unnecessary text. If I had only one HTML reference book, this would be it. I refer to this book often, and use it to show others examples of how to code what they want....

Beginning Visual Basic 6

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Wrox Press
I haven't seen programming since high school with BASIC. This book holds your hand through what would seem intimidating topics for the novice. The first chapter goes over the Windows interface: not terribly exciting. But you'll notice the rest of the book's presentation has a smooth and logical progression. The writing is very clear and not terribly boring. I thought it was an excellent investment.