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Students register in the different Italian courses through ISIS. There are often more students interested in taking Italian courses than there are spaces available. The department follows the following procedures:
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If a student is preregistered but fails to show up for class by the second day, he or she will automatically be dropped from the course list though ISIS. Hence, openings do occur during the first two weeks. However, the Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese does not sign Course Action forms to add students to sections of ITAL 101-202, nor do we keep waiting lists. Students may enroll only through ISIS.

What Should Students Do?

Attend the first class in which you are attempting to enroll. Inform the instructor that you are not enrolled. Openings are most likely to become available at the 8:00 and 9:00 am and the 1:00 pm sections. Over the course of the first week of class, instructors will announce 1) if there are other sections with spaces available 2) announce if a space becomes available in his or her section of the course. Call ISIS to drop a course so that students who would like to take it can attempt to enroll. Attend class regularly, whether enrolled or not. Enrolled tudents who do not attend will be dropped from class rosters. Unenrolled students will not know if spaces open up, if they do not attend the class.

Students who are unable to register in elementary and intermediate Italian classes might wish to consider two other alternatives:

1. Summer Session (ITAL 101, ITAL 102):

Each course lasts approximately one month. For more information contact the Summer Session Office in 210 Miller Hall: 924-3371 or

2. Summer Foreign Language Institute Italian Program (ITAL 101-202):

Covers two years of Italian in two months. For more information contact the SFLI Director, Dudley Doane, or the Summer Session Office in 210 Miller Hall: 924-3371 or






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