Classroom Policies

Attendance Policy

Students must attend regularly from the first day, in order to guarantee their place in the course. Students who have registered but miss the first two days of class will be dropped by the instructor.

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In addition to attending classes as scheduled (five hours per week), students are expected to spend at least two half-hours per week in the Language Lab. The half-hour sessions may not be combined into one continuous one-hour session. Students will be required to sign in on a sheet provided in the Language Lab, stating date and time of attendance. Failure to complete weekly lab sessions will affect your grade significantly.

Beginning after the first week of classes, any student who accumulates more than five absences can expect to his/her grade to be lowered. If the student feels that (s)he has some other legitimate reason for an intended absence, (s)he should discuss it with the instructor in advance. This pertains especially to student athletes, who should submit at the beginning of the semester a list of dates on which they will be required to miss class due to athletic events.

What is participation?


Grammar and vocabulary in each chapter are to be studied before class meetings. Homework and excersises are to be completed before the class date on which they are due. In addition to grammar excersises in the book, students will be expected to complete workbook material which may be collected daily or at the end of each week, before the weekly test. Lab workbooks are also to be completed during the two half-hour lab sessions. Like the grammar workbooks, these may be during the week or at the end of each week, before the weekly test. Readings, suprise quizzes, and oral reports may also be assigned. Failure to complete and submit homework assignments in a timely fashion will affect the final grade significantly.

Tests and Exams

There will be weekly tests (usually given on Friday), as well as a mid-term exam (one hour) and a final exam (three hours). Final grades will be drawn from an average of the weekly tests and mid-term, the final exam grade, and the grade for homework, participation, and attendance in class and lab. There will be no make-ups for the weekly quizzes and the two exams.



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