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In Italian, the sequence satisfying the language requirement is: ITAL 101, 102, 201, 202. Advanced standing is determined by an interview with the Italian faculty. See also information on the Placement Test.


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ITAL 101 (4) (S) Elementary Italian

Speaking, understanding, reading and writing of Italian. Five class hours and one language laboratory hour. Followed by Italian 102.

ITAL 102 (4) (S) Elementary Italian

Continuation of ITAL 101.

ITAL 201, 202 (3) (S) Intermediate Italian

Prerequisite: ITAL 102 or the equivalent. Grammar, conversation, composition, readings in contemporary Italian literature.

To learn more and register for courses, visit the Course Offering Directory. For information on more advanced courses in Italian see:

Instructors: Instructors for 101-202 change each year. The names of some of the instructors for these courses can be found in the COD. Students can also find instructors by checking the Directory for the Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese outside Wilson 115 after the beginning of the semester.

Syllabus: The syllabus for courses (ITAL 101-202) will be distributed to students on the first day of class. Some syllabi for Italian language and literature courses can also be located on individual class Toolkit pages (see your instructor for further information).





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