Grade Calculation for ITAL 101 & 102

Dorè, Minos Judging the Damned in Inferno V

There will be weekly tests (usually given on Friday), as well as a mid-term exam (one hour) and a final exam (three hours). Final grades will be drawn from an average of the weekly tests and mid-term, the final exam grade, and the grade for homework, participation, and attendance in class and lab.

1/3 Final Exam (see the Final Exam Schedule for dates)
1/3 Weekly quizzes and midterm exam
1/3 Combined:
         1) Attendance and participation
         2) Workbook and written exercises
         3) Lab attendance

Final Exam

This third of your grade is based on your final exam grade. For Final Exam dates, see the Final Exam Schedule.

Weekly Quizzes & Midterm

This third of your grade is based on your weekly quizzes and midterm. If you take all the quizzes, the lowest grade is dropped. The remaining quizzes plus the midterm grade (which counts as two quizzes) are then averaged.


This third of your grade is calculated from the following six activities:

  • Class participation

Participation includes attendance, preparation, contribution, and attention during in-class activities.

Use the form and the rating categories below to track your participation for the week. Read each category and select the one that most closely describes your participation for each day of the week. At the end of the week, add the daily totals to estimate the total number of points for the week.

Daily points:

Monday -
Tuesday -
Wednesday -
Thursday -
Friday -

Total points for week:


Superior: 16-20 points

I attended class and arrived on time. I did all of the homework and preparation assigned for class today. I worked on my comprehension skills by listening when others spoke. I spoke only Italian. I participated in all activities with patience and a willingness to learn. I helped others do all of the above, too.

Average: 11-15 points

I attended class and arrived on time Every now and then I didn't pay attention when others spoke. I spoke Italian most of the time but used English on occasion. I participated in all activities, sometimes reluctantly. Overall, I showed a willingness to learn. I did not make participating in class difficult for other students.

Unsatisfactory: 0-10 points

I arrived late for class. I used more English in class than Italian. I wasn't listening when others spoke. My presence in whole- or small-group activities did not make much difference to getting the task completed. I sometimes distracted other students.

No grade: 0

I was absent or very late for class.

  • Workbook:

Do all the exercises assigned, submit workbook when due, make corrections when required.

  • Lab:

Lab attendance (2 visits per week) and lab book exercises: do all the exercises and make corrections when required.

  • Compositions:

Graded according to content, grammar, and length. Make sure you submit all written work that is assigned (otherwise you will get a "zero" for that assignment). Prizes are awarded annually for compositions in Italian so do your best!

  • Oral presentations:

Graded according to content, grammar, pronunciation, presentation, the student's ability to answer questions, and his or her ability to ask questions during presentations of other students.

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