Level: elementary, intermediate

Structures: interrogatives, vocabulary, wide range of grammatical structures


Divide class into two groups. Each team or group should choose a fun Italian name for itself. Instructors should (before class) devise four categories and four answers for each category. Write the categories and answers on paper and tape them to the board ahead of time. Paper should be folded with the answers written inside. As a student from each team gets one selection right, the instructor removes it from the board. It is recommended to add two categories which are grammar related (e.g. passato remoto irregolare, passato remoto regolare) The instructor gives the contestants the infinitive and person of the verb (e.g. nascere, lui), and they have to raise their hands and answer correctly, "Qual' nacque?" The first person to raise his or her hand gets a chance to respond for the team. If this student answers incorrectly, the other team has a chance to answer. This is an entertaining way of spicing up some grammar. The other categories are vocabulary related or require general knowledge to answer.







by Sarah Watson

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