Talking Pictures

Florence, Italy © 2000 by Frances Adkins

Level: Elementary. Can be adapted to higher levels.

Structures: present, passato prossimo, description

Materials Needed: Photos, postcards, reproductions of Italian paintings.

Preparation: Each student or students are going to create a short sketch of the person or object represented in the picture. The "portrait" must be written from the subject's point of view. Use the following questions as a guide to creating the portrait.

1. Cosa ama fare questa persona e cosa non ama fare? (2-3 frasi)
2. Cosa sta per fare nella foto? (2-3 frasi)
3. Cosa ha fatto ieri? (2-3 frasi)
4. Cosa farą lui o lei pił tardi oggi o domani?

Instructor collects the postcards and lines them up against the chalk board and assigns each a number. When the number is called one of the "portrait creators" reads the autobiography.







by Deborah Parker

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