Study Tips

Former students and instructors recommend the following tips for studying Italian:
Gustave Dore', Dante Among the Ancient Poets in Inferno IV  
  • Make up a sentence with each word as you learn new vocabulary.
  • Say words aloud while memorizing.
  • Use new tenses while speaking in class and in your compositions.
  • Write out the entire conjugation of verbs as you learn new moods and tenses (this is especially useful with irregular verbs).
  • Answer all questions mentally in class.
  • Study regularly (i.e. every day) rather than at the last minute or in sporadic bouts.
  • Study only parts of the chapter at a time, rather than skimming the entire chapter assigned each week in one sitting.
  • Go to the lab before class to review what will be done in class that day.
  • Proof read all written work.
  • When making flash cards for vocabulary, flash the English, as well as the Italian side.

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