507 Woodmont Dr.

Charlottesville, VA  22901

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                               Home: 804-977-3726



Professional Experience:


     January, 1984

     to Present

Chemistry Department

University of Virginia

          Senior Scientist,     

          NMR spectroscopist



Professional Association:


     The Biophysical Society




     University of Virginia,

     Chemistry Dept.


Postdoctoral Associate,


U.S. National Eye Institute Postdoctoral Fellow

     University of California,


     Biochemistry Dept.

Graduate Student, 1977-82,

Ph.D. in Biochemistry

USPHS Predoctoral

Training Grant, 1977-81,

UC, Davis Jastro-Shields

Research Scholarship,



     University of



Undergraduate Student,


B.S. in Biochemistry


Phi Kappa Phi, 1973

Phi Beta Kappa, 1975





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