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The course will cover topics that closely parallel the goals and objectives.

The following outline identifies topics for class meetings. Each meeting will be topical in the sense that we shall prepare for and discuss an aspect of single-subject research. To assist you in preparing for class meetings, each topic links to detailed descriptions, including readings, study questions, and assignments for the session. There is a separate document that describes the assignments in general and their contributions to final grades.

  Topic Date
I. Introduction, Overview, Perspective, and Research Questions 31 August 2015
II. How Do Researchers Collect Data about Dependent Variables? 07 September 2015
III. How Do Researchers Assess the Trustworthiness of Dependent Variables? 14 September 2015
IV. What are the Fundamental Features of Single-Subject Designs (and ABAB Designs)? 21 September 2015
V.How do Multiple-Baseline Designs Demonstrate Functional Relationships? 28 September 2015
VI. Reading Day 05 October 2015
VI. How do Multi-Element Designs Demonstrate Functional Relationships? 12 October 2015
??. How can Single-Subject Designs be Mixed Fruitfully with Each Other and Other Designs? 19 October 2015
VIII. What is the Role of Replication in Single-Subject Studies? 26 October 2015
IX. How do Single-Subject Studies Demonstrate Functional Relationships? 02 November 2015
X. Sorta-Kinda-Late Mid-term Examination 09 November 2015
XI.Matching to Standards 16 November 2015
XII. Integrating Single-subject Studies 23 November 2015
XIII. Preliminary Reports of Research Results 30 November 2015
XIV. Summing up: What Are the Uses of Single-subject Research in Education? 07 December 2015
XVI. Final Exam: Research Reports Due nn14 December 2015 (According to the U.Va. Schedule)

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