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This listing shows resources about single-subject research that are available to the general public. I have them split into two parts, one that is composed of links to other sources for SSD info and a second that is composed of a few items I've developed and now make available for general use.

Remote Matter

  • The Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (JABA) is one of the premier, if not the foremost, sources for examples about single-subject research, providing both excellent examples of the use of the methods in applied behavioral settings as well as valuable articles about the methods themselves. The elder sibling of JABA is the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior (JEAB), a source for more basic experiments about the behavior of individuals (both human and infra-human). Both of these were published by the Society for the Experimental Analysis of Behavior (SEAB), a not-for-profit organization that strives to offer resources at low cost to those interested in research on behavior (like ~$15/yrs for students!). JABA used to release articles that were more than six months old to the public via PUBMed; one can search for them for free at the SEAB site. However, beginning in 2013, SEAB arranged to have Wiley publish JABA so, the new online location for JABA is with that publishing house.
  • The Association for Behavior Analysis is a membership organization that aims to promote research, education, and practice in behavior analysis. Most behavior analytic research used SSD methods.
  • The Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies (warning: frames) has less about SSD than about the applications of the results of single-subject research, but the applications described there illustrate how that research leads to worthwhile technologies.
  • The Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan maintains a page of links to some (older-but) useful software.

Local Matter

  • As in most research, the selection of research questions is a critical aspect of single-subject research. There's a page here that talks about research questions for which single-subject designs are appropriate and inappropriate.
  • Arguably, after the research question, the most critical element in a research project is having a trustworthy set of dependent measures. We'll spend a lot of time on this topic. It'll come up over and over (and over) during the term. Get used to it. Get to like it. What do you plan to measure? Are you measuring what you are saying you are measuring? Are the measures efficient? Do the measurement procedures disrupt the environment? Oh, there is so much to discuss in this topic! And then we get into whether you can trust those measures...see the next bullet.
  • One of the important issues in SSD is assessing agreement. The first step is collecting data on inter-scorer agreement, a task that transcends SSD observations; here's a link to a document that discusses how to get started with that topic. I created a simple spreadsheet that permits one to calculate different agreement statistics (over agreement, occurence agreement, kappa, etc.). [Windows users, right click the link; Mac users, control-click the link.]
  • There is also a sheet that calculates odds ratio
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