Announcements for EDHS 224/524

November 8, 2004

"Dear Students interested in EDHS 224/524 (Substance Abuse in Society):

Thank you for your interest in taking Substance Abuse in Society.

As you have requested, I have put you on the waiting list for EDHS 224/524, Substance Abuse in Society.  The waiting list is NOT managed by order, but rather by compelling reason to take the class.  If you would like to help your chances of enrolling, you may submit a one-page paper to my box in Ruffner 169 to document this if you like.  (NO EMAIL REQUESTS ACCEPTED due to volume).  I hope to make decisions on whom to add to the class roll by January 15th for the Spring Semester and by June 15th for the fall semester.  I will let you know of your status at that time.

Thank you,

Kevin Doyle"