Principal Investigator

Prof. Gary Koenig

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Current Graduate Students

Devanshi Gupta (joined Fall 2016) email:
Spring Dong (joined Fall 2014) email:
Colin Qi (joined Fall 2013) email:
Charles Michaelis (joined Fall 2013) email:
Pierce Robinson (joined Fall 2012) email:
Ethan Paharik (joined Fall 2012) email:

Koenig Group in Spring 2017:

(From left) Prof. Koenig, Ali, Ethan, Devanshi, Pierce, Colin, Greg, Peter (Spring, Adam, Anny, Ethan, and Patrick not pictured)

Current Undergraduate Students

Alexandra Barron (joined Fall 2016)
Peter Marr (joined Fall 2016)
Adam Kern (joined Fall 2015)
Patrick Cantwell (joined Fall 2015)
Nicholas Brown (joined Fall 2015)
Anny Wang (joined Fall 2015)

Former Undergraduate Students

Kelly Rudman (Spring 2015-Fall 2016)
Aaron Liu (Fall 2014-Spring 2016, Associate Chemical Engineer R&D at Sealed Air Corporation)
Taehun Kim (Spring 2014-Spring 2015, Battery Production Engineer at LG Chem Michigan Inc.)
Anthony Lopez (Spring 2014-Fall 2014)
Nam Pham (Spring 2014-Spring 2015, Fixed Equipment Strategy Engineer at ExxonMobil)
Mikel Dermer (Spring 2012-Fall 2014, Battery Technology Intern at Tesla Motors)
Mohammed Shafi (Fall 2013-Fall 2014, Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company)
Rishi Gupta (Fall 2013-Spring 2014, Scheduling Engineer at ExxonMobil)
Colvin Wang (Spring 2013-Spring 2014, M.S. at Stanford in Materials Science in 2016, Research Associate at Farasis Energy, Inc.)
Brian Murphy (Fall 2012-Spring 2013, Ph.D. student at Delaware in Chemical Engineering)
Ali Alshammaa (Fall 2012-Spring 2013, Process Engineer at Axalta)

Previous Group Photos

Koenig Group in Spring 2016:

(From left) Prof. Koenig, Pierce, Colin, Ethan, Adam, Nick, Patrick, Spring, Anny (Charles and Aaron not pictured)

Koenig Group in Spring 2015:

(From left) Pierce, Ethan, Aaron, Charles, Prof. Koenig, Kelly, Taehun, Spring, Colin, Nam

Koenig Group in Spring 2014:

(From left) Colin, Pierce, Ethan, Prof. Koenig, Charles

Koenig Group in Spring 2013:

(From left) Ethan, Mikel, Pierce, Prof. Koenig