Narratives in the Gospel of John

Part I: Miracle Stories: Review

Slide 3

What miracle Story does this Illustrate
and where is it  Found?

John 2-1-11
The Wedding at Cana
How does the GJ Interpret It?

The Pool of Bethesda
Site of Healing of Lame Man: John 5

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What Miracle Story does this Illustrate?

John 6.1-14: The Feeding of the Five Thousand
What themes does the Fourth Evangelist Introduce in his Interpretation of this Miracle?

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Healing of the Blind Man: John 9
John 9.7: “Go, wash in the pool of Siloam” (which means ‘sent’)”

John 9.1-7: Healing of a Man Born Blind

The Mini Drama of John 9.8-41
7 Scenes

What is this Story?

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John 11:The Raising of Lazarus
How is this Story Significant in the Narrative?
To what does it lead? How is it interpreted as a “Sign”?

Seven Miracle Stories
John 1-20
Which 2 were not Illustrated Here?

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Where is this Story Found?

John 21:The Miraculous Catch of Fish
How is this Story Interpreted?

Summary: in GJ—Jesus’ Miracles are Signs

The End