Narratives in the Gospel of John

Part I: Miracle Stories: Review
How many miracle stories are told in the GJ?
In what Chapters in GJ are they told?
Five of these miracle stories will be illustrated here: Can you identify them?
What have you learned about the INTERPRETATION of each miracle story and of the miracle stories in general?

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What miracle Story does this Illustrate
and where is it  Found?

John 2-1-11
The Wedding at Cana
How does the GJ Interpret It?
Dialogue with Mary
“My Hour has not yet come.”(2.4)
Water Jars for Jewish Rites of Purification (2.6)
“Jesus did this the first of his Signs . . . and the disciples believed in him” (2.11)

The Pool of Bethesda
Site of Healing of Lame Man: John 5
Controversy about Healing on Sabbath
Additional theme for Controversy: “making himself equal to God” (5.18)
Discourse: 5.19-47:  a/ The Son gives Life and Judges b/ Son greater than Moses

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What Miracle Story does this Illustrate?
Where is this Story Found?

John 6.1-14: The Feeding of the Five Thousand
What themes does the Fourth Evangelist Introduce in his Interpretation of this Miracle?
Jesus as the Prophet Like Moses (Deut 18) Jn 6.14
Moses: manna miracle
Jesus: “I am the bread from heaven”; superior to Moses
Jesus gives eternal life
The Eucharist (“eat my flesh and drink my blood”)

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Healing of the Blind Man: John 9
John 9.7: “Go, wash in the pool of Siloam” (which means ‘sent’)”
Stairway down to the pool of Siloam

John 9.1-7: Healing of a Man Born Blind
How is this miracle story Interpreted?

The Mini Drama of John 9.8-41
7 Scenes
Clue to Historical Situation of Fourth Evangelist::
 9.22: His parents . . .were afraid of the Jews: for the Jews had already agreed that anyone who confessed Jesus as Messiah would be put out of the synagogue.”
Theological Themes:
Sight and blindness: the blind man sees; the Pharisees are blind (9.41)  [Irony]
Signs and Faith: How one (the blind man) gradually comes to faith: “that man….from God” ….the Son of Man…and he worshipped him” (vv. 15, 33, .35-38)
Judgment and division: “I came into this world for judgment” (9.39)

What is this Story?
Where is it in the GJ?
What Characters can you Identity?

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John 11:The Raising of Lazarus
How is this Story Significant in the Narrative?
To what does it lead? How is it interpreted as a “Sign”?
Given as Reason for the Arrest of Jesus
Interpreted in dialogue with Martha and Mary: “I am the Resurrection and the Life”

Seven Miracle Stories
John 1-20
Which 2 were not Illustrated Here?
John 4.46-54: Healing of the Royal Official’s Son
John 6.16-21: Jesus Walks on Water

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Where is this Story Found?

John 21:The Miraculous Catch of Fish
How is this Story Interpreted?
Characters: Jesus, Peter, the Beloved Disciple
The Beloved Disciple: “It is the Lord” (21.7)
Peter jumps in water naked (21.7)

Summary: in GJ—Jesus’ Miracles are Signs
Signs are interpreted through dialogues, discourses and mini-dramas
Miracles can lead to Faith
But they also cause Division—Jesus ministry to the Jews results in division: believers, secret believers, enemies
John 1.5, 11: “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it…He came to what was his own, and his own people did not accept him:”

The End