Frozen (2007) India
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Director:Shivajee Chandrabhshan
Date Added:2010-05-07
Languages:Hindi, Ladakhi
Tags: India, Ladakh, drama, Buddhism

Summary: Shot in the icy Winter of Ladakh, in India’s far north, Frozen is the story of a small family left without a mother. In debt and with few sources of income, Karma has difficulty supporting his two children Lasya and Chomo. Their lives become even more difficult when the army sets up camp a stone’s throw from their house. Frozen is shot entirely in black and white, emphasizing the cruel beauty of the landscape, where people are living at an altitude of almost 5000m above sea level. This family live at the edge of India both geographically and culturally, and the film gives a thoughtful insight into their relationship with their own land, and the country to which it belongs.