La Vallée France
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Director:Barbet Schroeder
Producer:Mike Kaplan
Writer:Paul Gégauff
Rating:3.5 (24 votes)
Date Added:2010-04-09
Genre:Action & Adventure
Sound:Dolby Digital 5.1
Languages:French, English
Subtitles:French, English
Barbet Schroeder  ...  (Director)
Paul Gégauff  ...  (Writer)
Jérôme Beauvarlet  ...  
Monique Giraudy  ...  
Michael Gothard  ...  
Jean-Pierre Kalfon  ...  
Valérie Lagrange  ...  
Néstor Almendros  ...  Cinematographer
Denise de Casabianca  ...  Editor
Tags: Buddhism Drama

Summary: While "The Godfather" was making moviegoers an offer they couldn't refuse, "La Vallée" was wowing art-house crowds with its flower-powered search for paradise in the jungles of New Guinea. It's there that an adventurous diplomat's wife (Bulle Ogier), hoping to find the forbidden feathers of a rare exotic bird, embarks on a deeper, more personal quest when she encounters a makeshift family of hippies seeking an unmapped valley from which visitors are said never to return. Like the structurally similar cult films from its era (including "Walkabout" and "Aguirre: The Wrath of God"), "La Vallée" dazzled the post-'60s subculture with free-spirited adventure and enigmatic beauty, captured here through the peerless lens of cinematographer Néstor Almendros. The hippie vibe seems mildly dated but its sensual context is timeless, and a climactic encounter with the primitive Mapuga tribe retains an intense cross-cultural mystique. Pink Floyd's celebrated soundtrack is mostly heard as background ambience, but it effectively enhances the film's compelling atmosphere of mystery and expectation. "--Jeff Shannon"