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Date Added:2010-02-22
Genre:Action & Adventure
Tags: Buddhism Drama Asia

Summary: Chinese TibetanEnglish

From revenge to become a Buddha The story tells a man of great sin became Buddha in one life.

Milarepa is one of the most well known and respected yogi poet in Tibet. His root master Marpa made him experience many years of hardships to purify his negative karma from killing people by sorcery. Finally, master Marpa gave him empowerment and teachings. His whole life is like a legend inspiring numerous practitionerss faith and motivation. This film is directed by Nyinmapa Tulku Sonam Rinpoche. He delicately produced this film alone by himself from story writing, role play, photography and editing. As a Tulku, he skillfylly directed this film to precisely describe Milarepas life and process of leaning Dharma just as he gave Dharma teachings. Director: Nyinmapa Tulku Sonam Rinpoche Actors: Milarepa/ Bhugan Master Marpa/ Qunam Master Yongdan Trojal/Kunzang Music: PBC Music, Taiwan Total length: 96 mins
1 Born in rich family
2 Father died of disease
3 Uncle and aunt took away all the properties
4 Mother failed to take back the possessed properties.
5 Learned black art of sorcery from Master Yundan Jaltso
6 Followed mothers wish to spell enemies to death.
7 Learned hailstone precipitation from Master Yongdan Trojal
8 Learned Dharma from Marpa Master
9 Endured the most strict tests
10Attained great perfect enlightenment