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Rating:5.0 (8 votes)
Date Added:2010-02-22
Genre:Special Interests
Tags: Buddhism Drama Asia

Summary: Note: Tibetan with English subtitles:

Lashi (Shawn Ku) has lived in the monastery since the age of five. Now a man in his twenties he has just completed an arduous three year meditation in total isolation, thus winning for himself the admiration of the Tibetan community. However something has changed within the young monk since his return from his solitary retreat. He now finds himself filled with the desires of the flesh, repeatedly awakening in the morning with soiled robes, a sure sign of the sensual nature of his dreams during the night.

Lashi realizes that he cannot renounce those pleasures in life that he has never had the chance to experience. He leaves the monastery and travels to a nearby village, the home of Pema (Christy Chung) a young woman with whom he had a recent and brief encounter. He falls in love, marries and their union is blessed with a son they name Karma. Unfortunately, with the passing years Lashi still finds himself unfulfilled and further from enlightenment than ever.

What is the truest path? To seek earthly fulfillment or to renounce the world and look within? The unanswerable question comes to a most unexpected conclusion.

I love this movie! Filmed in the Himalayas, the cinematography alone makes the movie worth watching. The production values are extaordinary and the cast is superb. Shawn Ku is amazing as the monk who can't make up his mind and Christy Chung may even be better as the wife and mother who tries to hold it all together.