Maborosi (1997) Japan
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Director:Hirokazu Koreeda
Studio:New Yorker Video
Producer:Yutaka Shigenobu
Writer:Yoshihisa Ogita
Rating:4.0 (37 votes)
Date Added:2010-01-17
Genre:Art House & International
Picture Format:Widescreen
Custom 1:011
Hirokazu Koreeda  ...  (Director)
Yoshihisa Ogita  ...  (Writer)
Makiko Esumi  ...  
Takashi Naitô  ...  
Tadanobu Asano  ...  
Gohki Kashiyama  ...  
Naomi Watanabe  ...  
Masao Nakabori  ...  Cinematographer
Tomoyo Oshima  ...  Editor
Tags: Buddhism Drama Asia Course

Summary: Hirokazu Kore-eda's haunting, graceful Japanese film features a concentrated and powerfully reserved performance by Makiko Esumi as Yumiko, a young woman whose life is defined by the death and disappearance of her loved ones. As a child, she witnessed her grandmother's walking away from her family; as an adult, she must face the fact that her husband has committed suicide.
Impeccably lit and framed, this self-consciously classical first feature blends characteristics of two of the great Japanese masters: a sensitive portrait of a woman's suffering is reminiscent of Mikio Naruse and a serene, minimalist style is suggestive of Yasujiro Ozu. At times, Kore-eda seems to be trudging too dutifully in the path of his illustrious predecessors, and there is little in the film that could be qualified as original. Yet "Maborosi" remains convincing in its subtle, sustained moods and the quiet confidence of its approach. "--Dave Kehr"